The Global Young Academy is home to visionaries and dreamers who invest their spare time into projects aiming to change the world. Right now, one of those projects urgently needs your help to tell our story.

The Biodiversity for Survival via Biomedicine (Bio2Bio) working group has evolved into a truly global academic consortium working to help ensure the world’s co-survival in the face of a critical planetary health situation. Our recent video captures the story we’re trying to share.

It’s a story of hope, where scientists find a way to connect traditional natural wisdom with modern technology.

It’s a story where freely-shared data in the right hands can help cure patients and protect the living species that helped uncover these cures.

It’s a story of our shared moral obligation to tackle the problems that threaten rich and poor alike in every corner of the world.

Our purpose is to reach as many human beings as possible with our story, so please take a moment to share our video on your social media, your blog, your website, your publication – any way you can think of.

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We cannot spread this urgent message without your help.

Thank you!