This project aims to focus on cartoons coming from print and online media as a form of visual and, possibly, educational art. These usually critically depict events and emotions in a timely manner, and they can be linked to particular sociopolitical contexts, both nationally and internationally. Data analysis will be multidisciplinary, comparing cartoons and pandemic measures with each other, as well as across countries and regions.

Visit the project’s website here: www.19and.ART

Further Information

About the GYA North-South Interdisciplinary Grant

The GYA includes a diverse membership of scientists and scholars, in many disciplines, based in developed and developing countries. This grant scheme was initiated in 2014, aiming to foster collaboration across the lines that often separate researchers and limit possibilities. Specifically, this scheme facilitates the development of small-scale, innovative, curiosity-driven, blue-sky, exploratory research pilots or prototypes that unite researchers in developed and developing countries and cross disciplinary boundaries.
The North-South Interdisciplinary Grant is awarded annually, and is meant to provide seed money to enable GYA members to prepare a proof of concept, prototype, or pilot research project with a view to securing larger external funding.