The working group is currently waiting to hear back from potential sponsors allowing the group to print English language copies of the Expedition Mundus game for distribution especially in developing countries and plans to obtain the license for further languages such as Spanish, German and Hebrew.


Outreach Activity at the GYA AGM 2012, South Africa

At the GYA AGM 2012, members positively tested the game for potential intercultural sensitivities and improved a preliminary translation from Dutch to English. Then they successfully played it with school children in South Africa during outreach activities following the GYA AGM 2012.


Translation of Expedition Mundus into English

After finally resolving complicated licensing issues, the game was officially translated to English from its Dutch original, and presented to the new generation of GYA members at the AGMs 2014 and 2015 with a view to forming a group of members that would be trained to showcase the game in their own countries. As an immediate result, the game was played in the Philippines in June 2015.