GYA 2021 AGM and International Conference “Trust in Science”

The GYA held its second online Annual General Meeting from 1-4 June, together with an online International Conference of Young Scientists on the topic “Trust in Science”, which was open to public participation. Over 170 GYA members and alumni and over 490 external guests from 114 countries registered to take part in sessions throughout the […]

Three new GYA Focus Areas

At the e-Annual General Meeting in June 2020, GYA members discussed a number of topics and decided on three focus areas as priority topics for the GYA in 2020/21.   Addressing systemic discrimination This GYA Focus Area, which runs under the Science & Society theme, starts from the commitment that the GYA should work against […]

GYA to help F1000 Research build European Commission Open Access publishing platform

The European Commission is setting up its own free Open Access publishing platform for scientific articles. The platform will be a peer-reviewed publishing service to support beneficiaries of Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe and related funding schemes to meet the European Union Open Access requirements. The GYA is part of a consortium, led by F1000 Research, […]

GYA and cOAlition S form task force on Open Access publishing

COAlition S and the Global Young Academy are joining forces to develop a Plan S Monitor Task Force. Plan S is a radical and controversial initiative for Open Access publishing that was launched in September 2018. The plan is supported by cOAlition S, an international consortium of research funders. Plan S requires that, from 2021, […]

News Release: More Open Access Pledge

More Open Access Over 130 early- and mid-career researchers from around the globe have pledged to submit a manuscript to an Open Access outlet by the end of 2016. And you are invited to join! Open Science is gaining momentum. The European Commission recently called for immediate Open Access of all research publications.  However, many […]