Profile picture of: Syed Abbas


Indian Institute of Technology Mandi

School of Basic Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, Kamand Campus, VPO Kamand,

Distt. Mandi – 175075 Himachal Pradesh, India

Research Interests

Abstract/Delay/Functional/Fractional Differential Equations; Nonlinear Analysis; Mathematical Modelling; Dynamic Equations on Time Scale


Topics to speak on:

Differential Equations

Words of Wisdom

The ultimate goal of life is peace and harmony. It can be achieved only if our surroundings are peaceful.


Dr. Abbas has completed his M.Sc. and PhD in Mathematics from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in 2004 and 2009 respectively. Currently working as Associate Professor in the School of Basic Sciences at Indian Institute of Technology Mandi.  I have worked as a postdoctoral fellow at University of Bologna, Italy, visiting scientists at TU Dresden, Germany and research associate at University of Fribourg, Switzerland. My teaching experience includes several graduate and under graduate courses. I received excellence in teaching award for undergraduate teaching. The core areas of my research are delay/functional/abstract differential equations, Ecological modelling, Difference equations, Stochastic control. I have interest in general mathematics and popularization of science.


Excellence in Teaching Award

INYAS Fellow

DAAD visiting fellowship

Indo-Swiss fellowship

Erasmus Mundus fellowship