It is not common to hold a meeting in the United Nations Buffer Zone in Cyprus, but the Responsible Research and Innovation Networking Globally (RRING ) project did.

The RRING project aims to bring Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) into the linked-up world to promote mutual learning and collaboration in RRI. This can only be achieved by the formation of a global RRING community network and by the development and mobilisation of a global Open Access RRI knowledge base.

In early December in the United Nations Buffer Zone in Cyprus, representatives of networks with active members in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions got acquainted with the RRING project and its workpackages during a 2-day workshop. One of the workpackages of the project led by the International Consortium of Research Staff Associations (ICoRSA) is about the establishment of a perpetual global RRI network. It was interesting to see that ICoRSA aims to use lessons learned from existing successful networks such as the Global Young Academy.

GYA member Maral Dadvar briefly presented the GYA, the structure of GYA working groups, incubators, communication and outreach procedures, as well as member and alumni engagement policies. There are plans to continue collaborating with ICoRSA and the RRING project by providing them with more comprehensive insight into GYA procedures and some of our Scientific Excellence Working Group outputs on Open Science and Open Access in RRI. Furthermore, the GYA can play a key role in disseminating and outreach in less represented countries/regions through its wide membership base.

Attendance of the participants was funded by Future Earth via the Early Career Research Network of Networks. For more information or expression of interests on the GYA-ICoRSA-RRING collaboration, please email Maral Dadvar.