Research Interests

Policy Development in the fields of Gender & Youth Education; Professional Leadership; Transformational Political Economy; and the Media, especially in the context of Africa and the EU-Southern Mediterranean Cooperation

Institutional Contact

Med. V University


Abdeslam Badre is a social scientist, with a strong research interest in Policy Development in the fields of Gender, Youth, and Higher Education and Professional Leadership; Transformational Political Economy; Migration ; and the Media, especially in the context of Africa and the EU-Southern Mediterranean Cooperation. After completing his PhD, Badre completed a Carnegie postdoctoral fellowship, at the University of North Carolina-Chapel, Hill in the USA in 2014; and a visiting post-doc fellowship at the United Nations University of Barcelona in 2015.

 Professionally, Badre has been a visiting researcher and professor at various international universities, including: Alfred University (New York-USA: 2006-2007); Monterey Institute for International Studies (California-USA: 2010); Aalborg University (Aalborg-Denmark: 2011); The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (Berlin-Germany: 2012-2013); The Babeș-Bolyai University (Cluj-Romania: 2013-2014), the University of North Carolina at (Chapel Hill-USA: 2014), The United Nations University of Barcelona (Barcelona-Spain: 2015); and currently, he is a senior lecturer back at Mohammed V University of Rabat  (Morocco).

 Besides the academic career, for the last few years, Badre has been serving as an independent consultant for a number of governmental and non-governmental organisations; writing policy documents such as White Papers, Reports, and Initiatives. His recent assignments included work with the US Department of Labour (US-DOL) regional Program in MENA; Management System International (MSI) in Rabat-Morocco; Arab Women Media Centre in Amman-Jordan; Doha Institute for Social Science in Doha-Qatar; the ERASMUS+ in various EU states; the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS); the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’s Regional office in Amman-Jordan as well as Rabat-Morocco; the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin-Germany; and the Youth in Action Programme in the framework of the EU Youth Vision 2020,  in various EU-States. Currently, Badre is contracted as trainer for a three-year ERASMUS+ funded project in Italy and Slovakia.

 Since he joined the GYA in 2014, Badre has been engaged in a many of the GYA’s projects and activities. For instance, he has served as a member of the membership selection jury for three years; an organizing member of the GYA Annual General Meeting (AGM) for two years; a co-leader of the Working Group (WG) “Science Education and Youth” for two years; and writing different reports, among others. Since 2015, he took part in applying for the GloSYS Africa Project’s funding, and he is now a champion and co-leader of the project along with other fellow members. Furthermore, he is a member of a number of international research organizations, such us: the Fulbright Association (USA); the American Political Science Association (USA); The Canadian Political Science Association (Canada); Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Forum (Germany); The Moroccan Association of Education (Morocco); Africa Science Leadership Program (ASPL); and the Next Einstein Forum (NEF), among others.

In 2014, he published his first book, “International Negotiation for Economic Diplomacy: The EU-Morocco DCFTA.” A few of his papers appear at renowned international journals, such as the Journal of Human Rights and Civil Society (John Hopkins Protection Project). In addition to his research career, Badre is also a passionate academic research communicator, presenting regularly at local and international community events in more than 350 conferences in over 80 countries.