Profile picture of Ovie Edegbene


Federal University of Health Sciences, Otukpo, Nigeria
Biological Sciences

Aquatic ecology,  predictive ecology, biodiversity, socio-ecology and hydrobiology and fisheries

Research Interests

Macroinvertebrate taxonomical and trait-based approaches for biomonitoring aquatic ecosystems health


Ovie holds a Ph.D in Water Resource Science, and another Ph.D in Hydrobiology and Fisheries. Ovie is a predictive and socio-ecologist. Ovie research focuses on developing stressor-specific taxonomic and trait-based biomonitoring approaches for assessing riverine health and how the developed approaches can be used as utilities for ecosystem management and sustainability. Ovie’s research has been transformative in advancing the science of aquatic systems biomonitoring in his home country and the Africa continent at large.