Mari‐Vaughn Johnson

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Grassland, Soil and Water Research Lab


Dr. Johnson serves as primary staff lead for coordinating data development, data transfer, model input, and associated research and analyses related to the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP). As a member of the Resource Assessment Division’s Modeling Team, she collaborates with colleagues to evaluate local, regional, and national scale benefits of conservation practices related to cropland, grazing lands, wetlands, and wildlife. She also provides primary analytical support in the development of conservation needs scenarios in support of assessing current conservation practice impacts, outstanding needs, and alternative scenarios for addressing those needs. Her work helps to inform national and regional scale agricultural and natural resource conservation policy, with an emphasis on water and soil quality, food security, and rural stability. She fosters partnerships and professional interaction with the interagency, universities, NGO’s, professional societies, and State and Local governments to facilitate an effective exchange of ideas towards the development of science to support CEAP and other NRCS Modeling Team objectives. Dr. Johnson received her Ph.D. in Wildlife from Texas A&M University, her MS in Environmental and Plant Biology at Ohio University, and her BS in Biology from Tufts University. She is also a former AAAS Fellow (2010-2011) and a Young Leader with Atlantik-Bruecke (2012).