Profile picture of: Ivana Gadjanski


BioSense Institute, University of Novi Sad

Dr Zorana Djindjica 1, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Research Interests

biomedical engineering, biosensors, entrepreneurship in science


Biologist, PhD in Neuroscience from Georg-August University Goettingen, Germany and post-doc at Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany, Fulbright Visiting Scholar 2010-2011 at Lab for Stem cells and Tissue engineering, Columbia University, New York, currently working in the field of stem cells and tissue engineering (cartilage), purinergic signaling & calcium metabolism in pathological conditions in different tissues (my previous focus during PhD studies and first post-doc was on the calcium influx mechanisms in autoimmune conditions of the CNS, particularly multiple sclerosis).

Interested in technology commercialization options, biotech & medtech start-ups and promotion of female entrepreneurship in bioscience – founded a non-profit Fab Initiative with the mission to provide support, education and networking opportunities to female pupils, students, scientists and entrepreneurs in the STEM field in Serbia and region. Co-founder and chief science officer of IT-biotech startup Pubsonic – web application for interactive graphical presentation of the open-access biomedical data. TEDGlobal Fellow 2012 and Faculty member at F1000Prime.