Five GYA members are going to participate at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of New Champions. Amongst them are Ivana Gadjanski, Maite Martinez-Aldaya, Vanny Narita, Noble Bannada, and Vidushi Neergheen-Bhujun.

Moreover Ivana Gadjanski was invited to represent the Young Scientist at the “New Champions Plenary” and to take part in the official program as a panelist at the “Gender in STEM” discussion.

The New Champions Plenary aims to answer two main questions:
Part I:  What new discoveries are being made through basic research and disruptive innovations?
Part II:  What are the global grand challenges/issues where sustaining and breakthrough innovations are being created?
Ivana Gadjanski will share what grand challenges and global issues are driving her work to shape a better future.

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