The GYA has a number of accounts across the social media spectrum, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and our impact is growing every day. Indeed, we recently surpassed 3,000 followers on twitter, which naturally has us tweeting for joy.

Our growth is due to ongoing collaboration between GYA members, external partners, and the Office, and includes providing tips and hints across all social media platforms. For example, if there is a Twitter feed that you think the GYA should be following, please let us know by Tweeting at us (@GlobalYAcademy), or if there is a story that you think other GYA members would enjoy, please share it to our Facebook page.

We also recently opened an account on, where you can share your recent publications with us here.

Still, there is much more that can be done: our Youtube account requires 100 subscribers to utilize the YouTube mobile streaming function, and we would need your help getting there. So if you have a YouTube account, please subscribe to our channel here.

Meanwhile, keep us in mind on all of your social media platforms because who knows what other milestones lie ahead!