For the inaugural Global Sustainable Development Report, which was published in 2019, several GYA members were involved in reviewing the final texts (see GYA’s September 2019 news item). The results of the report were being discussed at the UN General Assembly meetings this year. The report called for societal, economic, political and scientific transformations to achieve the SDGs by 2030. It also noted that young scientists play a central role in climate action and environmental protection worldwide. It is therefore important to include this voice further on.

For the second report which is to be published in 2023, 15 scientists around the world are presently being sought  by UN member states for the Independent Group of Scientists, which will again directly inform the monitoring and implementation of the SDGs. This is the most important independent report of scientists on the SDGs, directly mandated by the UN. To be even more relevant, GYA calls that young scholars should be included in the independent group of scientists !