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University of Zagreb

International Relations and Sustainable Development

University of Zagreb

Trg Republike Hrvatske 14

HR-10000 Zagreb

Research Interests

International Relations, Diplomacy, Geopolitics, International Law, International Human Rights, Peace, Conflict, Dealing With The Past, Reconciliation, European Union, Asian Studies.


Topics to speak on:

IR, Diplomacy, EUrope, Peace, Human Rigts, SDG.


Prof. Goran Bandov PhD


·        Full Professor of the International Relations and Diplomacy, University of Zagreb

·        Foreign Affairs Committee of Croatian Parliament Advisory Member (4th mandate)

·        World Academy of Art and Science Associate Fellow

·        Global Young Academy Fellow

·        Rotary Peace Fellow (2017)

·        Croatian Association of the Club of Rome President

·        Co-founder and co-lead of the Croatian Young Academy Initiative

·        Science diplomat

·        Science populariser

·        Foreign policy media commentator


Prof. Goran Bandov PhD, Lawyer and Political Scientist, Full Professor, Rotary Peace Fellow (2017), Global Young Academy Fellow, World Academy of Art and Science Associate Fellow, International Relations and Sustainable Development University Centre Head at the University of Zagreb , former Vice Dean at Dag Hammarskjöld University College of International Relations and Diplomacy in Zagreb (2009-2019) and former Research Fellow at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies of the University of Hamburg (2009-2014) is an European expert in Diplomacy, International Relations and International Law with focus on Human and Minority Rights Protection, Peace Studies and Sustainable Development. Bandov earned his Master in Law at the University of Osijek (2003), Master of Peace and Security Studies at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies in Hamburg (2005), PhD in Philosophy and Social Sciences at the University of Hamburg (2009) and his postdoctoral specialisation at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok (2017).


Prof. Bandov is a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Croatian Parliament from the academic community in the 4th mandate. In this role, he is an active adviser to the Croatian Parliament in the field of foreign and European policy.


He is a very active populariser of science. He regularly gives public lectures in Croatia and abroad, especially in the countries of Southeast Europe. Professor Bandov is a very active foreign policy media commentator in the Croatian, Balkan and European media with over 1050 media appearances, comments and interviews in the last few years.


Prof. Bandov published and edited books “Der Schutz nationaler Minderheiten in der Republik Kroatien als Instrument zur Prävention ethnopolitischer Konflikte”, “Diplomatic stamp”, “Development directions of the European Union after the Covid 19 pandemic”, “Croatian dialogue on Europe”, “Ivo Šlaus’ Vision” and more than 70 papers worldwide on International Relations, International Law, Diplomacy, Human and Minority Rights, Peace, Dealing With The Past, Sustainable Developments, EU and International Organizations. He has more than 18 years of experience in teaching the following university courses: International Relations, International Law, International Human and Minority Rights, Peace, Diplomacy, Security, UN Agenda 2030, Southeast Europe.


He holds the position of Full Professor at the North University of Croatia (since 2021), Scientific Adviser at the University of Zagreb (since 2021) and Vertrauensdozent (trust lecturer) Friedrich Nauman Foundation, Germany (since 2013) and International Expert Team Council Member at the Institute for Research of Genocide, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (since 2012). He held different academic positions in Germany, Croatia and Swiss, among others the position of Research Fellow at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (2009-2014), Senior Research Fellow at University of Zagreb (2014-2021), Associate Professor at the Geneva School of Diplomacy (2013-2021) as well at the Associate Professor at the Dubrovnik International University (2014-2021).


He organized and led various academic fact-finding missions to Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, the USA, Vatican and Vietnam. In additions, Professor Bandov holds guest lectures in Astana, Almaty, Baku, Bangkok, Belgrade, Berlin, Boston, Budapest, Cambridge, Cape Town, Cluj, Colombo, Denver, Dubrovnik, Flensburg, Hamburg, Hanoi, Istanbul, Jaffna, Jakarta, Jenna, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Madrid, Moscow, New Delhi, Osijek, Pécs, Prague, Rijeka, Sarajevo, Skopje, Split, Strasbourg, Vatican, Vienna, Zagreb and Zwickau.


Since 2004 he participated in numerous Academic Projects as a Head, Coordinator and Co-Coordinator, among others: Dialog in Peace Education (DiA) project supported by EU and German national agency; Development and perspectives of international relations: standards of qualifications of the higher education in academic field of international relations, diplomacy and sustainable development, academic project supported by EU funds and Ministry of education, science and sport of the Republic of Croatia; Holocaust Studies, academic project supported by DH UCIRD and Yad Vashem; Genocide in Cambodia, academic project supported by DH UCIRD; The implementation of national law and international instruments for the protection of national minorities in the education system in the Republic of Croatia, academic project supported by IFSH and DAAD; Peacebuilding and Human Rights Protection in Croatia, academic project supported by IFSH and DAAD; Bildung als Instrument in gesellschaftlichen Transformationsprozessen: Schulbuchreform von Geschichtsbüchern, academic project supported by IFSH and DAAD.


Prof. Bandov is member of different academic editorial and publisher boards, among others: International editorial board of the academic journal Macedonian Political Science (Skopje, Macedonia) since 2010; editorial board of the academic journal “Journal of Political Science Studies” (Edirne, Turkey) since 2013, editorial board of the academic journal “International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy“ (Maribor, Slovenia) since 2015; international advisory board of the “Journal of Liberty and International Affairs”, (Bitola, Macedonia) since 2020; He was editorial board of the academic journal “Međunarodne studije” (Zagreb, Croatia) 2009-2019.


Bandov is the winner of the award – jubilee medal “80 years of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University” – for his contribution to the development of the university (2014). In his academic engagement he has been supported by the Rotary International – Peace Fellowship, DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty, Federal Foreign Office of Germany; CENTURIO; the Robert Bosch Foundation, Open Society – SOROS, AJC – American Jewish Committee, University of Hamburg and Ministry of Science of the Republic of Croatia.


Rotary International Peace Fellow

Promoting Tolerance Fellow

Regional Democracy Academy Fellow

WAAS Fellow

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Fellow

DAAD Fellow