1 May 2024 - 2 May 2024 All Day
Kigali Convention Centre, Kigali, Rwanda, Kigali Rwanda
The Transformation Imperative: Expanded Evidence for Inclusive Policies in Diverse Contexts The International Network for Government Science Advice conference (INGSA2024) from 1-2 May 2024 in Kigali, Rwanda, will bring 500 delegates together from across academia, policymaking, diplomacy, and the private sector to comprehensively examine the role and function of science-policy-society mechanisms at, and between, all levels of government. Delegates can expect a variety of enlightening and thought provoking sessions across science advice, science diplomacy and the role of inclusion and...
INGSA 2024
18 May 2022 - 19 May 2022 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
The GYA Science Advice working group, in collaboration with INGSA-Africa, is organizing a workshop intended to provide participants with an overview of the concept of "science advice". Having impacted all spheres of life, the COVID-19 pandemic has helped to review what science can contribute to society and which evidence is available to guide decision making processes at all levels, and it has created a space of dialogue between scientists, policy-makers and the public. In the online workshop, particular focus will...
INGSA-Africa – Global Young Academy (GYA) Regional Workshop on Science Advice
30 August 2021 - 2 September 2021 All Day
Palais des congrès de Montréal, Québec, Canada, Montréal Québec
The 4th INGSA International Conference on Science Advice to Governments "Build Back Wiser: Knowledge, Policy and Publics in Dialogue" will take place in hybrid format, in Montreal, Canada. Registration to take part in online events is now open. This international conference brings together political representatives, diplomats and government science advisors to promote scientific expertise and the use of scientific knowledge in informing policy decisions in an increasingly complex world. INGSA2021 will examine the complex interactions between scientists, public policy and...
INGSA 2021 - Build Back Wiser
25 October 2020 - 27 October 2020 All Day
Royal Irish Academy, Dublin
Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the organisers envisage to host this year’s World Health Summit from 25-27 October 2020 in Berlin as planned while also establishing additional digital formats for remote but active participation. The online registration will open in June. The GYA working group on Global Health organised the New Voices in Global Health session at the 2019 WHS, and is currently looking into organising the 2020 session.
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14 September 2020 - 18 September 2020 7:30 am - 9:00 am
Originally scheduled from 15 to 17 September 2020 in Montreal, Canada, INGSA2020 has been made virtual in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. More information on the 2021 event is available here. The website for the 2020 Global Week of Dialog on Science Advice and COVID-19 is available here.
INGSA Global Week of Dialog on Science Advice & COVID-19
5 September 2018 - 7 September 2018 All Day
Laxenburg, Austria, Laxenburg
The 2018 Evidence and Policy Summer School in Laxenburg, Austria is organised by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC), in collaboration with the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) and the Global Young Academy (GYA). The workshop will focus on the role of population and migration for sustainable development in the European Neighbourhood. In a world flooded with information making sense of and communicating knowledge, or evidence, is highly challenging. Evidence-informed...
Evidence and policy summer school – science, policy and demography