ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference

ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference

The ASEAN ERC is a platform aiming to stimulate greater sharing of research ideas, and allowing for a strategic interdisciplinary approach to these research ideas that address the needs of the ASEAN region. The conference is organised through strong collaboration with the Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia and is recognised as an official flagship programme for the region by the ASEAN Young Scientist Network.

The theme for ASEAN ERC 2019 (UK) centres around the concept of sustainability which has garnered global discourse as a necessity in our fast developing world. Despite its all-encompassing meaning of ‘the quality in the ability to continue over a period of time’, sustainability however is often misconstrued as being limited to environmental elements and initiatives.

One of the speakers at the ASEAN ERC 2019 is GYA Alumna and former Co-Chair Orakanoke Phanraksa.


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Event Information

06/07/2019, All Day

Hilton Cambridge City Centre