The first ASEAN Science Leadership Programme (SLP) was successfully launched at Bangsan Heritage Hotel, Chonburi, Thailand from 9-12 June 2016, inaugurating 18 fellows. The fellows are outstanding scientists from five ASEAN countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand), representing both basic and applied sciences, as well as spanning across social sciences and humanities disciplines. This pioneer ASEAN SLP is the project corresponding to the findings of the Global State of Young Scientists-ASEAN (GloSYS-ASEAN) 2015 survey, conducted in four selected ASEAN member states where the speed and quality of the development of science capacity among ASEAN depend not only on infrastructure and the technical training of people, but is intimately linked to the quality of leadership to lead change.

The joint initiative of ASEAN SLP by the Global Young Academy (GYA) and the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) aims to grow mid-career ASEAN academics in the areas of thought leadership, team management and research development, with the intention of enabling them to contribute to the development of a new paradigm for science in ASEAN, focused on its contribution to solving the complex issues facing both ASEAN and the global community.

During the workshop, fellows worked to identify key challenges to science in ASEAN and worked on developing projects that could impact this reality. Over the next year, these fellows will collaborate on these projects, leading up to their second round of engagement and training. In addition, fellows worked further on developing a draft road map of the ASEAN network of young scientists, with the goal to ensure that this group of young fellows serve as astarting point to promote and to later form a network of young scientists in ASEAN, based on a bottom-up approach.

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The ASEAN SLP is based on experiences with the Africa Science Leadership Programme, which is developed jointly by the University of Pretoria (South-Africa) and the Global Young Academy (GYA) and is supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation (Germany). The ASEAN SLP is designed and conducted by the Leopold Leadership Program at Stanford University and the specialist facilitation company KnowInnovation, with co-funding supports from the National Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Office (STI), National Science and Technology and Development Agency (NSTDA), and PTT Public Company Limited.

Group ASEAN SLP 2016
ASEAN SLP 2016 fellows, facilitators and mentors