Profile picture of: Anindita Bhadra


Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata

Department of Biological Sciences

Behaviour and Ecology Lab,
Department of Biological Sciences,
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata,
Mohanpur Campus,
Mohanpur 741246, Nadia,
West Bengal, India

Research Interests

Behavioural ecology of free-ranging dogs


Topics to speak on:

Evolution, Science Education, Urban biodiversity, Women in Science, Science leadership

Words of Wisdom

Science is a way of life.


Dr. Bhadra is a behavioural biologist, working with free-ranging (stray) dogs in India. While pet dogs are studied extensively and compared with wolves in order to understand the evolution of the dog-human relationship, free-ranging dogs in India provide the perfect model system for studying them in nature, and building an understanding of the intrinsic nature of dogs. As they have hardly been studied so far, Dr. Bhadra chose the dogs as a model system, shifting completely from her zone of training and comfort, social insects. This gave her the freedom to set up a research group from scratch, doing things that she had never done before, and exploring new vistas of research.

Dr. Bhadra was involved in the founding of INYAS, and was elected as the first Chairperson by the founding members in June 2015.


INSA Young Scientist award 2009

SERB Women Excellence award 2013

IAP Young Scientist 2015