Abdeslam Badre


Institutional Contact

Mohammed V University


Abdeslam Badre is a social scientist, with a strong research interest in Women Media, Migration and Spatiality; Economic Transformation; Political Economy; EU-Southern Mediterranean Cooperation; and Youth Education and Professional Leadership, especially in the context of MENA region. After completing his PhD at Mohamed V University of Rabat in the field of Media and Women Studies, Badre has completed a Carnegie postdoctoral fellowship in the area of Urban Management and Monarchical Regimes’ Legitimacy in the Arab Region, at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill-USA in 2014. He is an early career researcher, but is earning growing national and international reputations for his academic contributions in the field of social sciences in MENA region. Badre has been a visiting researcher and teacher at various international universities, such as Alfred University (New York: 2006-2007); Monterey Institute for International Studies (California: 2010); Aalborg University (Denmark: 2011); The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (Berlin: 2012-2013); The University of Babe Bolyai (Romania: 2013-2014), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2014), and currently, he is an associate researcher back in Morocco. Few of his papers appear at renowned international journals, such as the Journal of Human Rights and Civil Society (John Hopkins Protection Project). In 2014, he published his first book, “International Negotiation for Economic Diplomacy: The EU-Morocco DCFTA.” In addition to his research career, Badre is also a passionate academic research communicator, presenting regularly at local and international community events in more than 220 conferences in over 50 countries. Furthermore, he is a member of a number of international research organizations such The Fulbright Association (USA); the American Political Science Association (USA); The Canadian Political Science Association (Canada); Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Forum (Germany); The Moroccan Association of Education (Morocco). Badre has joined the Global Young Academy in 2014.