Profile picture of Vinitha M. Thadhani


Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology

Mahenwatta, Pitipana, Homagama

Research Interests

Lichen Chemistry, Metabolomics, Biorefinery, Natural Dyes, Biological Activities


Topics to speak on:

Scope of Young Academies: Past, Present and Future


Founding Member GYA (2009), and fonder President Sri Lanka Academy of Young Scientist (2012).

Leading researcher in the field of lichen chemistry and biological activities, and has several publications and patents to her credit.

Currently she is attached to Sri Lankan Institute of Nanotechnology, as a principal scientist.  She is involved in several commerical projects, which are beneficial to Sri Lankan Industries, and one of her project on forming tea dye out of tea waste has been commericalized around the globe in the trade name t-hues.

She is recipient of over 25 international and national awards/honors/scholoarships, around the globe including from Sri Lanka, USA, Australia, Japan, UK, South Africa, Germany, China, Pakistan, Chille, and India


Best Women Scientist for making significant contribution in the field of STEM 2017, by state government of USA

Chandrasena Memorial Award, for significant contribution in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry by Institute of Chemistry, Ceylon



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