Profile picture of: Vinicius Fortes Farjalla


University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Department of Ecology


Dept. Ecologia, Inst. Biologia, CCS, Sala A0-008.
Ilha do Fundão, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Research Interests



I have a profound interest in ecological research and connecting the ecological knowledge to practical society issues. I was mainly focused on the major ecological drivers of the structure an functioning of aquatic ecosystems in my PhD and in the first years as an associate professor in University of Rio de Janeiro. In this perspective, I published more than 60 papers of aquatic ecosystem research, including more than 50 in International journals. I have also supervisioned 15 graduate students and coordinated several projects founded by Governmental and Non-Governmental entities, including the Brazilian Oil Company (Petrobras) and the Brazilian Mining Company (VALE). My major research site is located in the coastal plains of Rio de Janeiro State, an area of recent urbanization, rapid population growth and an intense pressure on natural ecosystems. I took part in the effort of establishing a National Park in a still well-preserved stretch of this coastal plain and fully participated in the administrative council of this National Park for 3 years. I also formalized strong links with several local Environmental agencies and councils, focusing on the management and recuperation of local aquatic ecosystems. Recently, I am focusing on global environmental changes and their impact on local socio-environment, and the difficulties to dialogue with the local societies and politicians. In the GYA, I intend to dialogue to other members to find ways to overcome some difficulties I have been facing at Brazil. In addition, I am also interested in the development of Public Institutions and the entry and participation of young academics on them. Again, connecting with other academics mainly from underdeveloped countries should help me understand the global scenario of Public Institutions and some important and creative incentives established from local governments to overcome limitations.