In March 2017, GYA member S. Karly Kehoe (Canada) attended the Refugee Scientists: Transnational Resources workshop in Trieste, Italy. She was there as a representative of the GYA Global Migration and Human Rights working group and spoke about the work that she, Eva Alisic (Australia), Jan-Christoph Heilinger (Germany), and Liav Orgad (Germany) are developing around the theme of individual responsibility and migrant integration. The workshop, organized by TWAS – The World Academies of Sciences, the Euro-Mediterranean University, the Italian National Institute for Oceanography and Allied Geophysics and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, welcomed over 37 delegates to discuss strategies for supporting refugee scientists. Karly’s talk, ‘Interdisciplinary Thinking about Migration and Migrant Integration: Past and Present Approaches’, highlighted the importance of using historical insights to understand how migrant integration might be improved. TWAS has published a workshop report outlining a series of recommendations for refugee scientists, the scientific community and host governments, home countries and funding agencies.

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