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University of Goias Chemistry Institute

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Tatiana Martins is Professor in Federal University of Goias, Brazil since 2010. She received her Degree in Chemistry in 1999 and her PhD in Physical Chemistry both from University of Campinas, in Brazil, with a thesis on electroluminescence of organic molecules and polymer theme. Aiming her interest on developing materials for use in solar cells and sensors, she concluded a post doc in 2009 on hybrid electroluminescent materials based on silicone, with an awarded work and another post doc in 2010 on the activity and preparation of peptide nanostructures with luminescent characteristics. Her actual research interests are on the photophysical and morphological characterization of conjugated polymer, nanostructured peptides and hybrid materials, aiming the application in photovoltaic cells, biosensors and electroluminescent devices. She has also acted in security commissions on her Institution and since 2012, she is Undergraduate Chemistry Courses Coordinator in Chemistry Institute of Federal University of Goias. Her objective as part of GYA is to contribute to the exciting work group´s theme in a way that enable her efforts to form excellent scientists in the new generation, watching over moral values, which is an issue that she excepts to see under discussion in GYA. She considers this issue the key to achieve the excellence in science.