Tanvir N. Baig

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University of Dhaka


I have been a faculty in the physics Department, University of Dhaka since 1999.My research revolve around topics on medical industrial physics. In Biomedical Physics laboratory we are trying to concentrate on developing sustainable medical technology for third world country. The biggest problem right now for any technology is its sustainability under different environment. A sophisticated medical equipment like MRI is firstly expensive and secondly built for highly controlled environment. These constraints restrict accessibilities of such technologies to common people of developing countries. My goal is to build medical equipments that are affordable in term of price as well as easily adjustable to the native environment. Presently I am involve in further development of FIM(Focused Impedance Method).FIM is developed in our Laboratory and presently quite well know in impedance imaging community. I also work on study of peripheral nerve conduction velocity and its change with different peripheral nerve diseases. Recently I've been involved in establishing a new department under the faculty of science called Biomedical Physics and Technology. This is the first of its kind in any national university of Bangladesh. Our goal behind creating such department is to encourage and nourish interdisciplinary research.