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Atomic Energy Centre, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission

Research Interests



I carry out my research in various advanced materials, which have potential technological applicationsin electrical and electronics, data storage, biomedical applications etc. Development of the researchin the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology in Materials Science Division, Atomic Energy Centre, Dhakais one my main focus now. Research and development, which I pursue in my Division are: synthesis, characterizationand study of the magnetic and structural properties of nanometric scale ferrite / perovskite type materials, studyof the magnetic and structural properties of Fe and Co rich amorphous/ nanocrystalline soft magnetic materialsand Fe3B/2:14:1 hard magnetic materials, development of ferrite permanent magnets from beach sand magnetiteextracted from Cox’s bazaar sand, development and study of spinel type soft-magnetic properties of Ni, Mg, Mn basedferrites using magnetite and commercial grade raw materials, study of the structural and magnetic properties ofperovskites. The outcome of my research is being disseminated through supervision of various post graduate degreesin collaboration with public universities and also through fair number of publications in international/nationalreputed journals. Another objective of this division is to facilitate quality control and quality assurance ofindustrial and other service organizations.