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Maastricht University

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Lenculenstraat 14
6211 KR, Maastricht
The Netherlands

Research Interests



I am a Reader/Lecturer for Experimental Physics within the School of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Glasgow, Scotland. My research is focussed on the development of innovative laser interferometry techniques for future gravitational wave detectors and I aiming to answer questions such as: “What does the Universe sound like?”, “Can we measure beyond the Heisenberg Uncertainity?” or “Can we make photons stiffer than diamond?”. I am holding a Grant of the European Research Council, which allows me to investigate a new class of intermeters, which offer the potential to beat the Standard Quantum Limit (see Moreover, I am the scientific coordinator of the world’s first ‘International Max Planck Partnership’ (see, a collaboration of the physics departments of 5 Scottish Universities and 5 Max Planck Institutes in Germany. Apart from my core research I have a keen interest in variety of topics related to renewable energy sources and climate change. For instance, I was part of a team which developed the first prototype of a smart laptop charger. Currently, I am involved in a project which transfers laser interferometry techniques from my lab tot he application for sensing climate change induced stone decay of historic sandstone buildings in Scotland.