Roman Szewczyk

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Warsaw University of Technology Institute of Metrology and Biomedical Engineering


Roman Szewczyk PhD., DSc. is the Secretary for Scientific Affairs in Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements. He is also associated professor at the Faculty of Mechatronics, Warsaw University of Technology. Prof. Dr Roman Szewczyk was serving as a referee during FP7 NMP and SME calls. He was involved in realization over 10 EU-founded research projects with in FP6 and FP7. He is also involved in European projects financed by European Defence Organization. Moreover, he was leading two regional and national scale technological foresight projects and was actively organizing technological transfer between companies and scientific institutes. Roman Szewczyk PhD., DSc. is a Vice-head of Polish Academy of Young Researchers. Moreover he was acting as a Head of Program Committee of Foundation for Automation and Robotics. He is a Member of International Frequency Sensors Organization as well as Member of Scientific Committees of different international conferences focused on sensors and interfacing technology. Roman Szewczyk PhD., DSc. received both PhD and DSc in the field of mechatronics. He is specializing in modelling the properties of magnetic materials as well as sensors and sensor’s interfacing, especially magnetic sensors for security applications. He is leading the development of sensing unit for mobile robot for Polish Police Central Forensic Laboratory and methods of non-destructive testing based on magnetoelastic effect. Prof. Dr Roman Szewczyk is an author of 47 publications listed in Scopus base as well as about 50 publications in other technical and scientific journals. He is a co-author of 2 patents and 3 patents pending.