GYA Members Mitsunobu R. Kano, Shoji Komai, Wibool Piyawattanametha and Orakanoke Phanraksa, together with Kasama Kongsmak and Punchalee Pungpit, co-authored the study “Perceptions of Research Excellence in Thailand and Japan” published in STI Policy Review, Vol. 4, No 2.

The study is based on the project entitled “Unleashing Curiosity and Creativity” undertaken by the Global Young Academy Working Group. The survey of the case of Thailand was partially sponsored by the National Science and Technology Development Agency. An earlier version of the first phased survey in Thailand was presented at the symposium entitled “Shaping the Future of Young Academies” on November 1, 2012, Dutch Young Academy, the Netherlands.

Please download the document here.