As a partner in the consortium that has been developing the Open Research Europe (ORE) publishing platform, the GYA is pleased to announce that the European Commission has now officially launched this open access publishing platform for scientific articles that present the results of research funded by Horizon 2020, and soon Horizon Europe. The first submitted articles have already been published, and we invite you to explore this new publishing venue here.

All Horizon 2020 beneficiaries are eligible to publish research articles stemming from Horizon 2020 research on this platform, which showcases science from all fields, and includes a variety of article types ranging from research articles to methods and essays.  Open Research Europe is not a repository to deposit papers already published somewhere else: research submitted there must be original, not be submitted anywhere else for publication, and stem from a Horizon 2020 grant in which at least one of the authors is involved.

GYA Past Co-Chair Koen Vermeir (Centre national de la recherche scientifique, France), who was involved in developing the ORE platform, says: “Research results coming from academia are a global public good, and they are best curated by a public agency, like a university, a government agency or, indeed, the European Commission. This is one way of taking back control of the academic publication process.” Koen also points out that the European Commission is looking into expanding the eligibility criteria for publishing on the platform, for example, by collaborating with other interested national funders, and the GYA hopes that ORE is a first step towards a truly global diamond open access system for research publications.

Open Research Europe champions open science principles by immediately publishing articles, followed by transparent, invited and open peer review with the inclusion of all supporting data and materials. The names of the reviewers are open, as well as their reviews, which are also citable. Article-level metrics will continuously track the scientific and social impact of publications.  Ultimately, Open Research Europe will enable free-of-charge access to the latest scientific discoveries.

Publishing in Open Research Europe is an optional service.  Because the European Commission covers all costs upfront, there is no author fee, which means no administrative burden. Moreover, there is the guarantee of automatic compliance with the open access requirements of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe. Open Research Europe is also a solution to publish articles even after the Horizon 2020 grant has ended.

To learn more about Open Research Europe, you can visit the platform here to review helpful tips and guides, including how to prepare articles and data for submission.

The article guidelines cover the specific guidelines for research in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine, Social Sciences, Arts and the Humanities. You may also follow the Twitter account @OpenResearch_EU.