20150218_01_Grafik_New GYA members for 2015 acceptedBoth number and quality of applications for GYA membership has increased significantly. After a highly competitive peer review process, 38 applicants have been selected to become GYA members in 2015.

They will be officially inducted at the GYA AGM 2015 in May. The 15 women among them will slightly increase the overall percentage of female members to 33%. The GYA network will extend to three new countries, namely Ethiopia, Estonia and Russia. Moreover, we have a growing proportion of young scientists in Social Sciences, Law, Economics and Humanities, now an overall 17% in 2015. Life Sciences has become the disciplinary group with the strongest female representation. Looking at the division of females among continents, nearly half of all GYA members in Africa and North America are women; and in Australasia female members exceeded males. To sum up, with the newly accepted applicants, women have consolidated their position within the GYA. We hope that the gradual trend of growing diversity of the GYA membership will encourage applicants from less represented groups to apply in the following round.