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Hacettepe University

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In our research group we design, synthesize and use novel surfactants in several processes and in some of them interfacial properties are important in others bulk properties are the key factor. In order to supply new surfactants for those progressing technology, surfactants which are chemically inert, effective at surface tension reduction, able to forms aggregates at low concentrations, do not affected by the ionic strength of solution should be designed. Recently, it has been shown that fluorocarbon/hydrocarbon hybrid surfactants have properties that satisfy these demands. In addition to these properties surfactants having active groups (redox active or photoactive) have been employed for active control of surface and bulk properties. Those newly synthesized molecules are used to form multicompartment micelles (MCM) which are composed of a hydrophilic shell and a hydrophobic core consisting of incompatible and clearly separated distinct subdomains differently from the classical m