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Senegalese Agricultural Research Institute

Research Interests



I am agricultural engineer since 2000. I earned my DEA degree on Plant biology and Water Stress Physiology in 2002 at Cheikh Anta Diop University. I worked from 2003 to 2005 at Cotton Deloppement Society which implemented in the south of Senegal. My activities concerned research and developpement topics, particularly in agricultral experiments and extension (narrow row density tests, fertilizer test, herbicide test, no or minimum tillage test). Since 2006, I am recruitet as agronomist and assistant research at Kolda Agricultural Reserach Center. My major achievements deal with improvment of farming system surveys, cutivation techniques and yield for cotton, rice, maize, pearl millet, sorgho, cowpea, peanut, fonio. I attended trainings and courses on scientific data management, scientific writing, training of trainees. I would like to restart my doctoral training, which was stopped since 2004. I am really intersted by Soils sciences, Integrated Pest Management, Plant Physiology or Biometry.