On 15 and 16 January 2018, members of the GloSYS Africa research team converged at the GYA Office in Halle. Attendees included a core team of GYA members who function as co-PIs of the project and a group of research assistants who are tasked with data collection on the ground, as well as one project advisor. This meeting provided the team with the invaluable opportunity to come together and prepare for the third phase of the study, which involves the collection and analysis of interviews with over 80 young scientists throughout Africa and in the African diaspora. The two-day meeting included an intensive workshop in which the project research assistants received training on the collection and analysis of interview data. In parallel, the core GYA team met to discuss the data collected to date, project logistics and milestones, as well as an upcoming presentation at the Next Einstein Forum.  The GloSYS team left Halle having solved a number of logistical issues, and with an even stronger sense of purpose and team spirit.