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Universidad de la República

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I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. I finished my B. Sc. in Biology in 1998 and then pursued a Master’s degree (2001), both at the Universidad de la República, Uruguay. Following, I got a doctoral degree from the Faculty of Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2005). I was a postdoc at the Center for Advanced Studies in Ecology and Biodiversity, CASEB, Chile (2006). Currently, I am an Aggregate Professor at the Universidad de la República, Uruguay.

My research attempts to advance on the determinants of biodiversity patterns and function, and their interplay with species richness and composition, ecosystem fragmentation, and weather/atmospheric conditions (clima no sería más tipo long trend?). These variables are the putative determinants of biodiversity organization and also the main components of global change. I am certain that a better ecological theory implies better capabilities for societies to mitigate impacts of global changes and fosters development in our economies, societies, human health, and biodiversity conservation. To this aim I use theoretical and simulation models, analysis of databases and the monitoring of real metacommunities.

I live in a small and an intermediate/low-income third world country with strong demand of resources for basic education, health, infrastructure, etc.; a context in which investment in Science has to be defended, on the flag of true and sustained development.