Luis Oliveira e Silva

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Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa


Luis O. Silva is Associate Professor of Physics (with Habilitation) at IST (Lisbon Institute of Technology), coordinating the Laser and Plasmas Group, and leading the epp team. He received his PhD in Physics in 1997 (IST), and was a post-doctoral fellow at UCLA. His research is focused on the interaction of ultra intense lasers, particle beams and relativistic flows with plasmas (High Energy Density Science | High Field Science | Ultra Fast Science | Extreme Plasma Physics) with applications in plasma-based accelerators, intense radiation sources for bioimaging, attosecond pulse generation, magnetic field generation in gamma ray bursters, relativistic shocks and supernovae explosions, using a combination of theoretical physics and massively parallel computing. He has been awarded the Gulbenkian Prize (1996), the 2001 Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics Medal for Excellence in Nonlinear Plasma Physics by a Young Researcher, and the IBM Prize (2003). He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society.