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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Kanpur- 208016, Uttar Pradesh

Research Interests

High Entropy Materials, Nanomaterials, Powder Metallurgy Processing


Dr. Krishanu Biswas has made significant contribution towards understanding of the several important scientific and technological aspects of metallurgy and materials engineering.  The research work performed by him ranges from development of hard low friction wear-resistant coating for coating applications, understanding the solidification behaviour of complex concentrated alloys, novel processing of ceramic composites, understanding the alloying behaviour at nanoscale, development of bulk alloy catalysis for hydrogen energy. His recent research activities involve research on sintering of high entropy alloys (HEAs), nanomaterials, nanocrystalline, ionic nanoparticles, graphene etc. He has received a number of awards, fellowships and professional reorganization. He has published over 105  papers in international repute peer reviewed journals and delivered 25 invited talks in different national and international conferences. He has completed 4 projects and currently 11 other projects are under progress. He could garner total funding to the tune of US$10,00,000) in a span of 8 years. The projects include small projects from Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and Indian National Science Academy (INSA) to bigger projects from Department of Science and Technology (DST), Department of Bio- technology (DBT), Board of Research on Nuclear Sciences (BRNS). Currently, he has 9 Phd students, 7 M.Tech students, 2 project staffs and several B.Tech students working on different research problems. 7Phd students and 24 M.Tech students and large number of B.Tech students have completed their degree under his supervision. He has international collaboration with Japan and Germany. He teaches extensively at IITK on variety of subjects including, Phase Equilibria, Manufacturing Processes, Phase Transformations, Process Metallurgy, Solidification Processing etc.

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