John Muyonga

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Makerere University


Prof. Muyonga holds a PhD in Food Science from the University of Pretoria,MS from Cornell University and a B.Sc. from Makerere University.He joined the Faculty of Makerere University in 1997. Prof Muyonga’s researchis mainly in the areas of protein functionality in food systems, nutritional effectsof food processing and post harvest biochemistry of fish. He is also passionate aboutand active in projects aimed at enhancing commercialization of scientific and technologicalinnovations and is also involved in education and food based nutritional interventions.John is the coordinator of the Food Technology and Business Incubation Programme at Makerere University.Prof. Muyonga teaches meat, fish and poultry technology, food processing engineering and nutritional biochemistry courses.Prof. Muyonga also offers consultancy services in aspects of nutritional interventions and food processing.He also serves as Head of Department.Prof Muyonga is widely published and serves as a review for numerous journals.He was awarded the Third World Academy of Science Young Scientist award for 2007.He is an Associate of the Third World Academy of Sciences.John Is Married to Faith and has 2 daughters (Aliinda, 7 and Atiila, 10) and 1 son (Elamo).He enjoys lawn and table tennis and reading materials on personal development.