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Obafemi Awolowo University

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Idowu Ola is a reproductive biologist with focus on the livestock animals. I have chosen a field that is commonly avoided by many animal scientists in Nigeria because of the highly demanding nature of the researches coupled with the dearth of equipment. My focuses are on the understanding of the reproductive cycles in the tropical animals and the deployment of reproductive technologies to improve their performances. My researches have employed simple technique like exfoliative cytology up to DNA quantification to study the repoductive cycle of tropically adapted livestock species including WAD goat, chicken, muscovy, rabbit, giant land snails and african greater cane rat. At my current institution I have had to build my career from the scratch by starting a standard animal reproduction laboratory. In this regards I have received many grants from both international and local agencies. As a young scientist I have been acknowleged and invited to many meetings including the 2004 UNESCO sponsored World Academy of Young Scientist meeing in Marrakesh, 2007 BioVision in Leon and since 2008 to the annual meeting of Academy of Science for the developing world. I am a visiting scientist to the Institute of Zoology, Beijing, China  and an Affiliate fellow of the Academy of Science for the developing world (TWAS).