The rapid spread of COVID-19 has resulted in almost all countries worldwide implementing measures to slow the transmission of the virus, including travel restrictions, school and business closures and even closed borders. Given that the evolution of the virus is still uncertain, and the situation may improve in some places while it gets worse in others, planning ahead is especially challenging for a global organization like the GYA.

Taking all of this into consideration, it has become clear that it would be unwise to continue with plans to hold an in-person AGM this year.

While we truly regret not being able to come together in person, we also believe that the “GYA Spirit” cannot be defeated by such obstacles, and that it will not only stay alive and well, but even thrive! Indeed, this situation provides an opportunity for the GYA to be daring and innovative in creating new formats and to re-define what it means to work together.

We therefore ask for your help with identifying and/or developing genuinely new and interactive digital ways of working together. Please email Jennifer () if you already have experience with successful digital meetings, if you know about interesting tools, or if you are keen to help us with developing a totally new format for our meeting!

With your help, the GYA will soon be an even stronger and more sustainable organization.

Find all further developments, news and information on the 2020 e-AGM posted on the AGM Microsite.