The GYA was invited to nominate members for the delegation to the UN Preparatory Committee Meeting for the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, that will take place 14-18 March 2015 in Sendai, Japan.

The GYA circulated the call to its own members as well as to NYA. Two GYA members Jauad El-Kharraz (France) und Hitomi Takemura (Japan) were selected by ICSU. Further 5 nominees by the GYA and NYA were added to a roster of experts and will be involved at later stages.

In addition GYA members from various regions and institutions contributed to the ICSU questionnaire ahead of the UN first Preparatory Committee Meeting that will take place in Geneva, Switzerland on 14-15 July 2014. ICSU had asked us for contribution around the following three questions:

1. What are the key contributions that science has made over the past decade related to understanding and managing disaster risk? What are the gaps that science needs to address?

2. What are the key priority areas related to disaster risk reduction and resilience building that need to be incorporated into the post-2015 Framework on disaster risk reduction?

3. How can science and technology support the definition, implementation and monitoring of the post-2015 Framework on disaster risk reduction?

ICSU will synthetize the results for the Preparatory Committee Meeting.