3 GYA members, Arianna Betti, Martin Dominik and Tilman Brück, are among the 25 researchers to be part of the “Voice of the researchers”. They have been selected out of 413 researchers from all over Europe who had responded to the European Commission’s call for interest related to the “Voice of the researchers” providing their input with the aim of making the researchers’ voice heard. They will participate in a brainstorming session “researchers’ panel” with Commission officials on 23 April 2012 in Brussels. The objectives are many: to launch the discussions, generate innovative ideas and agree on potential actions, including the perspective of jointly organizing a major event during the first quarter of 2013 and more. The 25 researchers will discuss the opportunity of creating a European-level platform giving researchers the chance to come together and participate actively in shaping the future of the research profession on all levels (personal, social, legal, economic) and will have the chance to develop more their ideas together.