The GYA joins the world on June 20 as it commemorates the strength, courage, and perseverance of millions of refugees on UN World Refugee Day.

And though World Refugee Day comes just once per year, the GYA, through its member-driven activities Global Migration and Human Rights and the At-Risk Scholars initiative, provides an ongoing international and interdisciplinary forum for addressing the global challenges brought about by international migration.

For example, from 25 to 27 April 2018, the Global Migration and Human Rights working group held an International Conference  titled ‘Global Individual Responsibility – The Role of the Citizen in Refugee Integration’ at the Munich Center for Ethics, University of Munich, Germany, which was opened by a public keynote lecture by Professor Alison Philipps, who holds a UNESCO Chair for Refugee Integration at the University of Glasgow, and Professor Matthew Gibney, Professor of Politics and Forced Migration at the University of Oxford.

Moreover, the GYA At-Risk Scholars initiative strives to enable the re-integration of exceptional, early-career at-risk and refugee scholars into research through a mentorship programme developed and led by GYA members.

The initiative has two main aims: 1) to use a mentorship model to enable at-risk and refugee researchers to develop the professional skills that are most relevant to their host countries; and 2) to enable at-risk and refugee researchers to submit competitive membership applications to the GYA and National Young Academies (NYAs). As of February 2018, the initiative had 14 mentor-mentee pairs, with a planned expansion of the programme this summer.

Through the efforts of our member-driven activities, the GYA joins the world instanding #WithRefugees.

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