In her keynote speech at the Global Young Academy General Assembly 2013, German State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) Ms Quennet-Thielen announced funding of the GYA initially for three years. The GYA is excited about this great news for young scientists from around the world.

The funding from the BMBF ensures the continued operation of the GYA office in Berlin. The office plays a central role in coordinating the global activities of GYA members and works to support the activities of national young academies world-wide.

The announcement was a highlight for the over 100 attendees at the GYA’s annual meeting. “We are deeply grateful for the support we have had in Germany to develop the Global Young Academy,” said Bernard Slippers, co-chair of the GYA from South Africa, “first from the Volkswagen Foundation and now so generously from the Ministry of Education and Research. We at the GYA applaud Germany’s leadership for the advancement of global science, and young scientists in particular.”

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