The GYA’s Executive Committee (EC) has endorsed the 10 goals of the Lindau Declaration 2020 on Sustainable Cooperative Open Science.

The Lindau Declaration 2020 on Sustainable Cooperative Open Science, first presented and suggested by Elizabeth Blackburn during the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, aims to kindle widespread support for a new approach to global, sustainable, cooperative open science. While formulated with basic research as its primary focus, the Declaration’s principles and goals apply to all types of science. The Declaration draws upon, refers to and supports various existing initiatives. As such, it is a call to widely support new ways in science.

The Declaration consists of the following 10 goals: 1) Adopt an Ethical Code; 2) Cooperate Globally on Global Problems; 3) Share Knowledge; 4) Publish Results Open Access; 5) Publish Data to Repositories; 6) Work Transparently and Truthfully; 7) Change Reward Systems; 8) Support Talent Worldwide; 9) Communicate to Society; 10) Engage in Education.

Learn more about the 10 Goals of the Lindau Declaration here.