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Uppsala University

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B.Sc. (Trent Univ., Canada, 1992), PhD (Uppsala Univ., Sweden, 1996), Associate Prof. (Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden, 2003). G.W. is presently a senior lecturer at Uppsala Univ., Dept. of Ecology and Evolution and a Research Fellow Post at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Her research expertise is on global change impacts on aquatic ecosystems. G.W. received several young scientist research awards, she has 48 reviewed international publications of which 25 as first or sole author and 47 other publications. She participated in several EU-projects, has extensive expertise with a large variety of commissions of trust, is associate editor of two international journals, she worked for the IPCC report in 2007 and she has extensive expertise in teaching. Her research group presently comprises 4 PhD students and a postdoc.