We are proud to release the report on our BMBF-funded project “Global State of Young Scientists” (GloSYS). The study, authored by Catherine Beaudry (Canada) and Irene Friesenhahn (Germany), explored the concerns and opportunities for career development of young researchers. The project team collected 650 survey responses and 45 interviews with participants from all five world regions. The central findings of the precursor project and the resulting recommendations from GloSYS can serve as a basis to improve the state of young researchers throughout the world.

The GYA’s GloSYS project is the first study taking into account not only the established science systems in Europe and America, but also comparing the status-quo with new and original findings on developing nations and world regions that have received little previous research attention. As precursor study it provides a framework, against which future progress can be monitored and lays the foundation for further work on the state of young scholars.

GloSYS Report (PDF)

Press Release for GloSYS Launch (EN)