Under the leadership of Leila Niamir (Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change, Germany) the 69-member Selection Committee of the Global Young Academy (GYA) has finalised the selection of 31 new members to join the GYA in June 2021 for a tenure of five years. The GYA new member cohort includes representatives from 28 individual countries, from all GYA general disciplines, and includes 19 females and 12 males.

In June 2021 when the new cohort is inducted, the gender ratio will be 101 female/98 male/1 non-binary. Such gender balance is a development that the GYA has been moving towards for the last few years, and is a reflection of the excellent female/non-binary applicants to the GYA.

In addition to helping the GYA meet its gender parity benchmarks, the new member cohort has increased GYA international representation by 9 countries. The newly-added countries include Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, People’s Republic of China/Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Kuwait, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Among other activities, the GYA acts as a facilitator and (virtual) convenor for the growing global network of National Young Academies. The GYA is therefore delighted to see that a number of new members are also members of – or in leadership positions in – their respective country’s NYA.

Additionally, the GYA is pleased to welcome a number of Young Affiliates of The World Academy of Science (TWAS) among the 2021 new member cohort.

Each application was evaluated by at least three Selection Committee members in two successive rounds of reviews, and were scored, first and foremost, based on the excellence of their scientific research, as well as on their demonstrated societal engagement.


Please join the GYA in extending a very warm welcome to the following new members:

Alexandra Dmitrieva, Ukraine

Bashayer Al Majed, Kuwait

Carolina Andrade, Brazil 

Chibuike Udenigwe, Canada

Cristian Ripoli, Italy

Emilija Stojmenova Duh, Slovenia

Encieh Erfani, Iran

Farah Ouechtati, Tunisia

Ho Cheung Anderson Shum, People’s Republic of China/Hong Kong

Ibraheem Alhijry, Egypt

Jelena Vladic, Serbia

Jia Chen, Germany

Karishma Kaushik, India

Kathryn Crowe, Iceland

Luciana Balboa, Argentina

Manuel Fernandez-Gotz, United Kingdom

Mareli Claassens, Namibia

Mirjam Brusius, United Kingdom

Mohammed Mostajo-Radji, Bolivia

Nadia De Leon, Panama

Neil Guerrero – Gonzalez, Colombia

Nkatha Kabira, Kenya

Po-Yen Chen, Singapore

Priscilla Mante, Ghana

Rustem Ertug Altinay, Turkey

Shymaa Enany, Egypt

Siok Yee Chan, Malaysia

Thomas Tagoe, Ghana

Victor Vilarrasa, Spain

Yensi Flores Bueso, Ireland

Yuguang Li, United States

The new member cohort officially begins their five-year term during the Annual General Meeting and International Conference of Young Scientists, which this year will be held online from 1–4 June 2021. The conference programme, panel and speaker information can be found here: Annual International Conference of Young Scientists.