We welcome and thank four members of the Advisory Board who are joining us at the Gala Dinner tonight: Prof Yuko Harayama (Japan); Prof Kevin Marsh (Kenya); Dr Narong Sirilertworakul (Thailand); and Linda Nordling (South Africa). The GYA Advisory Board is made up of outstanding senior scientists and science managers who provide advice and support to the GYA leadership and staff.

The GYA welcomes Dr Flavia Schlegel, the Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences at the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Dr Schlegel opened the Gala dinner with remarks about youth and longevity. GYA Members are enjoying three Thai culture presentations to round out the Gala dinner: Klong Sabad Chai (drum beat), Ramakien (Thailand’s national epic), and Lao Kra Top Mai (bamboo dance).

Dr Flavia Schlegel (UNESCO) and Dr Tollulah Oni (GYA Co-Chair) at the AGM 2018 gala dinner night.