Profile picture of: Fiorenzo Vetrone


Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Université du Québec

Centre Énergie, Matériaux et Télécommunications

1650 Boul. Lionel-Boulet, Varennes, QC, Canada, J3X 1P7

Research Interests

Luminescent nanostructures, theranostics, bioimaging, nanothermometry, rare earths, upconversion


Topics to speak on:

Nanotechnogy, Nanomedicine, Materials, Nanoparticles,


Prof. Fiorenzo Vetrone received his Ph.D. in Chemistry where his pioneering research focused on the synthesis and spectroscopy of luminescent lanthanide-doped nanoparticles. Following his Ph.D. studies, he was the recipient of the prestigious Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada Postdoctoral Fellowship, which he took up at Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique – Énergie, Matériaux et Télécommunications (INRS-EMT), Université du Québec and Université de Montréal. Currently, he is Full Professor at INRS-EMT, Université du Québec where his research activities are focused around multiphoton and near-infrared excited luminescent nanoparticles for use in the development of multi-functional nanoplatforms for diagnostic and therapeutics of various diseases including cancer. Prof. Vetrone has received numerous prizes and awards including the Gladiatore D’Oro from the province of Benevento (Italy) awarded to persons who have brought honor to the Samnite people in the fields of business, scientific research, culture, art, and sports. Amongst other awards, he has received awards from the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) Prize for Young Chemists, the NSERC Innovation Challenge Award and the North America Incoming Short Visit Fellowship from the Royal Society (UK). The impact of his work has been highlighted in both the scientific and popular press. He has co-authored over 125 papers in prestigious international journals and has been invited to present his research findings at over 150 conferences, workshops, summer schools, and institutions worldwide.


College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, Royal Society of Canada

Rutherford Memorial Medal in Chemistry, Royal Society of Canada

Keith Laidler Award, Chemical Institute of Canada

Canada Section W. Lash Miller Award, Electrochemical Society

Gladiatore D’Oro, Provincia di Benevento