Profile picture of: Eric Isai Ameca Y Juarez


Beijing Normal University

Research Interests

Assessing vulnerability of species to climate change

Areas of conservation value threatened by compounding impacts of climate and human pressures

Modeling effects of environmental change in population dynamics


Topics to speak on:

Biodiversity, Climate Change Biology, Endangared Species

Words of Wisdom

“Biodiversity contributes a lot to us directly and indirectly. We depend on it for the food and water that nourishes us, to regulate the climate and protect us from all kinds of risks.” 

– Georgina Mace.


I have a joint PhD from Imperial College London and the Institute of Zoology, the Zoological Society of London. Member of the International Research Programe on Biological Consequences of Global Change from ISZS, the IUCN SSC Climate Change Specialist Group (Impacts Theme Co-Lead), the Madagascar section of the Primate Specialist Group, and the China Species Specialist Group. I maintain collaborations to undertake research focusing on understanding emergent threats to animal populations, species and areas of biodiversity importance from climate change in combination with human pressure.


2021 Young Scientist Award from the International Society of Zoological Sciences.

2018 President’s International Fellowship Initiative, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2013 World Wildlife Fund EFN Russell E. Train Fellow